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Why do I need an NIE Number?

  • To buy, sell and rent a property
  • To open bank accounts or request a mortgage
  • To get insurance for your property
  • To inherit in Spain
  • To work or register a company
  • To buy or insure a car or boat

How do I get a NIE Number?

You will need to go to a Spanish Police Office for getting one, or you could authorize someone to do it on your behalf with a Power of Attorney. Another option will be requesting one at your closest Spanish Consulate or Embassy (we advise to try and get it at the Embassy/Consulate, it is cheaper and faster). Here you have some information to get it in London.

In Alicante, there are companies that can assist you in the process of getting your NIE. Please ask us if you need some information about it.

How long does the NIE application take?

You will need to get an appointment with the Police to request your NIE number. The appointment can take up to 2-3 months.

Before going to the police station, please make sure to book an appointment through their webpage:

(webpage in Spanish only)

What documents do I need?

Normally you will need to bring your passport along with you and a copy of it. You should also bring a passport sized photo. For some specific cases, the police officers will need more information from you. In every case, you should state the reason why you are requesting the NIE number. If you are going to inherit you will need a copy of the Will for example. 

You should also bring the application form (original document and a copy of it)[1].pdf

Other NIE information

The NIE number will remain the same for the rest of your life, it is a life-long number assigned to you. Nowadays, in your NIE certificate you will see that it says that it is only valid for 3 months, but don’t worry, this number will not expire.

The reason is that the Spanish Government tries to encourage foreign residents to apply for Residency for foreigners staying in Spain for more than 3 months.