Bunch of house keys lying on a table in front of a small wooden model of a house conceptual of achievement, ownership and security of a property or real estate

If you have a shared-ownership property in Spain, you need to know that you can put an end to this situation and that the other co-owners cannot prevent you from selling your share of the property.

If you want to sell your share of the property but cannot reach an agreement with the other co-owners, you can bring a lawsuit against the other co-owners. The judge will force the other co-owners to sell and then each co-owner will receive the benefits from the sale according to his/her share of the property.

The other co-owners can only oppose this lawsuit if you all agreed not to sell the property during a certain time. If that is not the case, the co-owners won’t have any legal grounds to oppose and will be forced to sell and finish with the joint ownership.

If there are any debts between the co-owners for the property expenses or any other type of debts, these expenses can be claimed in the same case of Court action. Once the property has been sold and the money has been shared between each co-owner, if any of them owes you money due to property expenses (taxes, utility bills, etc.), they should pay you and settle their debt to you as well.

If you did not agree not to sell the property with the other co-owners this action has a 100% success.

If you don’t want to continue sharing a property with someone, please contact us and we will inform you about the proceedings. Every consultation is free!