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If you are the legal heir to some Spanish assets, please do not hesitate and contact our Firm, we will deal with all the necessary legal proceedings.

Should there be a Will, and with the agreement of the parties involved, the inheritance can be completed before a Spanish Notary. After obtaining all the required documents: the original death certificate, the original Will and the Grant of Probate (or equivalent), the notary will proceed to allocate the inheritance without further delay.

In the absence of a last will and testament, you will need judicial or notary documents declaring you a legitimate heir. You will also need to show proof of the laws of the late person’s country of origin in order to justify your claim to the inheritance. These documents, altogether with the rest of the documents required to allocate the inheritance, will be taken to a notary to allocate the inheritance.

If, on the contrary, there is a Will but the parties involved do not reach an agreement regarding the split of the inheritance, it would be necessary to take the case to court do have a Spanish Judge decide on how to split the inheritance.

Please contact our Law Firm and we will study your case, evaluate your chances of success, and inform you about the paperwork required to inherit.