Bills to be paid in monthly periods

If there is a Spanish company declared in Concurso de Acreedores (creditors meeting) in Spain, because it has declared that is in bankruptcy and cannot continue trading or cannot meet its payment duties, you will have to inform the administrators of the “concurso de acreedores” about the debt that the company has with you.

We will represent you and will take part in the creditors meeting to have your credit recognized. Once your credit is recognized, we will try to recover the debt at the creditors meeting once the company goes into liquidation.

A “concurso de acreedores” (creditors meeting) is a complicated proceeding because normally there are many people involved. Being part of a creditors meeting requires receiving much information from the case at the Company Court and also a constant updated with new documents.

It is very important that someone with experience represents you accordingly. Please contact us and we will inform you according to your specific circumstances.